Educação SP

Content Strategy, UX and Visual Design

The Sao Paulo State Secretary is one of the most notable public institutions in Brazil.

As a designer, I helped them to improve their portal, showing the best services, information, and projects to the community.


The project

During the project, my responsibilities included organizing meetings with the Content Strategists and Development teams, and planning the information architecture (sitemaps and user flows), wireframing, and UI Design.

I helped to build the style guide which made it possible to build more than 50 landing pages to special projects and initiatives. About the portal, we built an information architecture to make homepage improvements.

Creche Escola Landing Page
Creche Escola landing page: One of the 58 landing pages designed.

The design drive

The color scheme, style, and typography were inspired by the arts that are shared in social media (Facebook and Twitter), always prioritizing the playful, live, and fun colors.

At the same time, we induced the videos at the homepage to improve the YouTube engagement, showing the diversity of the content to the audience.



+45% homepage visits

180 millionportal access between 2011 - 2016/Jan

58 landing pages produced

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