Preferência à Vida

Digital Strategy, Service Design

A2 Comunicação in cooperation with Nova S/B was designed to adapt a campaign about the value of the crosswalk in São Paulo city. The project was called Preferência à Vida and introduced the 'Crosswalk Man'.

During the project, my responsibilities included information architecture - site maps and wireframes - UI Design, and front-end development.

Crosswalk Man
The Crosswall Man in São Paulo

Social media influence

A landing page was created to present the principal amounts and results from the social media campaign and including an image gallery with all photos taken from the Crosswalk Man.

The result was excellent that the landing page was turned into a DVD. The material was produced in partnership with Raphael Fabeni (front-end developer at the point).

Crosswalk Man
Crosswalk Man


The campaign was the winner at the Effie Awards Brasil (2012) in the non-profit category.

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