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Develop online channels, humanize as management and focus actions provision of services to citizens

Product and content design
My role
Discovery, Information Architecture, UI Design, Front-end development


Improving the quality and agility of public information, optimizing service provision, and activating interaction with millions of citizens it was a huge challenge when I assumed the responsibility to develop and conduct the redesign of the portal of the Government of the State of São Paulo.


  • Adapting the new style and brand of the government at the point;
  • Improve the load page performance;
  • Redesigning the homepage focused on news and services;
  • Reduce the bounce rate of visits and increase the visit time

The process

Meanwhile the discovery phase, one decision taken was the remain with navigation structure (information architecture) because of its simplicity and performance.

Regarding the performance, we started to reduce the image sizes of galleries (slideshows). At the same time, a content inventory was used to reformulate paragraphs and copy oriented to SEO improvements.


76 mi of access in 3 first months

30% increase of visits

Governo SP